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Guest Information


A few helpful bits of info if you have not been before, or if you have and just forgotten. You can also download a PDF version of this information to take away here.


Put CB21 6GP into your satnav and you will arrive outside the door. use the right hand lane as you enter the park and let security know you are visiting the “Granta Centre”.

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...or by train...

Whittlesford Park Way (WLF) is the closest station, 3 miles away. … or bike... racks are just to the right as you arrive, more importantly we have showers, towels, soap, food and water!

When you arrive...

Say hello to reception as you come in, and we’ll make sure you get to the right room, or help with anything else…

...we like to be helpful.

...are you in charge?

We really would like to meet our event organisers, if you can let us know at reception when you arrive.

Here are some extras that might be helpful:

Get helpful bits


Select “Granta Centre” and then select “don’t have an account” follow the instructions...

...and you are in.

Your account will be active from your last visit if still within 90 days.

...(poor) phone signal

After you have grumbled about your carrier (we all have - many times) try using “Wi-Fi calling” reception can assist, or head for the glass. 02 signal is however very good.

Food allergens...

Have you told your organiser? No worries if not just tell us as early as you can so we can help. All our menus list any allergens present - if in doubt please just ask. 

Home time...

Reception can book a taxi in advance, or there is a list of firms in the local area available for you to make your own arrangements.

Travel safely and come back again soon!

We truly want to know about your impressions and welcome any feedback. Your organiser gets an official opportunity…

...but you can use the back of the pads, Google or the link below:

Leave feedback

Drop us a line or simply keep in touch

For more information please email us: