Read the current guidelines for holding a meeting now and in the future:

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Yes, under the current restrictions business events can happen under the following conditions…

Business events

“Meetings for work, training or education purposes should not take place unless the event cannot be delayed, where it cannot reasonably be conducted from home, and if social distancing can be maintained and the venue can demonstrate it has followed COVID-19 guidance.”

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The Granta Centre can host your event for up to a maximum of 30 people (including any associated staff), if you feel your event is necessary under these conditions, as the Granta Centre can demonstrate it is following COVID 19 guidance – we hold the “We’re good to go” certificate, see our COVID 19 Information for more details.

When can I have a meeting under less restrictions?

Current guidance is indicating that the original target date of  Monday 17 May is looking more definite for non-essential events to start to take place, with the following considerations…

  • The 30 people limit will be removed and replaced with a limit of 50% of the total normal capacity, although social distancing of 2m will remain, 1.5m with mitigation.
  • Food and refreshments should still be consumed while seated and at distance.
  • All other precautions will remain such as face masks and one way systems.

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