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COVID-19 Information

The Granta Centre prides itself in providing an exceptional experience and setting for your event, in the most simple way and hassle free. COVID-19 does not change those aspirations, but we do need to do things a little differently to ensure that both you, your guests and our team, are all kept safe. Here is how we are doing it.


Why all the changes?

It might sound obvious, but it is worth just being clear about what is trying to be achieved and the roles we all have a role to play…

The Government – believes that with the correct measures in place the risks of spreading COVID 19 can be reduced, we are following those guidelines and those of industry groups to make our venue as safe as it can be.

Your role – ensure to the best of your knowledge that no one attends the Granta Centre who has or might have be exposed to COVID 19, this simple step and the checks taken prior can prevent big problems later. You also need to ensure that should the worse happen, you have a process in place to contact all those involved.

Our role –once your event is happening our responsibility is to take all reasonable steps to ensure that again, should the worse happen and a group or staff member, brings COVID 19 to the Granta Centre, that the chances of it being passed on directly and or secondary are minimal.

Ok… so this is not the Granta Centre’s normal style of welcome, but it is honest, and we pride ourselves on always being honest. Below are the details of what “we” are going to do to keep safe, and carry on as best we can.

Before you arrive, we need a few details:

  • We would need a copy of your COVID 19 Policy.
  • It is also important that we have confirmation that you and your guests are symptom free and have not knowingly encountered a confirmed/suspected case in the 14 days prior to the event.
  • Just to be safe, we also need you to confirm you have a track and trace system in place to contact every individual in your group should you need to for at least 21 days after your event.

On the day:

  • Enter the park as normal; car parking is still in front of the Granta Centre (opposite the airplane).
  • You and your guests will be greeted at reception and directed to your room via the one-way system and purple feet.
  • We ask that you keep to the one-way system, even if it means a longer route.
  • Hand sanitiser stations will be positioned throughout the building, take advantage of them.
  • You will find your arrival refreshments available within your meeting room.
  • For mid-morning, lunch and afternoon, we will re-confirm your agenda and specific time slots to use the breakout lounge.
  • Masks are requested to be worn in public – i.e. popping out to the toilet, it is also advised to wear them in your group as well – excusing the presenter.
  • When leaving the building, follow the one-way system until you have reached the main exit door.

Whilst in your room:

  • You will notice sanitiser dispensers both in and out of your room, as well as wipes. Feel free to use as you wish. We will endeavour to wipe surfaces in the  room through the day, depending on your usage.
  • Your room will be set to adhere to 2m distancing between your guests (if this is not achievable due to numbers, we’ll discuss the options available to keep you safe).
  • All items provided in the room will have been in quarantine prior to you using them, as well as after your event. We quarantine all items for 72 hours so to avoid unnecessary waste.

Drop us a line or simply keep in touch

For more information please email us: